Start Up Plus fits all the necessary requirements to get your company legally registered AND gives you the document the bank will ask for when you open your business account. We organize everything so you go in with all your ducks in a row.
No swimming upstream for you, you have a business to launch. We can help it go smoothy. Will provide all documents that are required to open a US Bank account

  • Registered Agent /year - Every state requires a registered agent and our service will comply with the State law.
  • Company Registration - The cost the State charges to file a Document
  • Company Resolution - States who owns and can act on behalf of the company
  • EIN - Required to open a bank account
  • Corporate Kit - Convienient way to keep all business documents contained.

Here is what our customers are saying about us
I went to the bank and they told me I didn't have all the necessary documents. l wish I had gone to IncorpNation first.
They gave me everything I needed to get started all at once!