International & Offshore

It's true, International and Offshore is a whole different ballgame. But it's a game we have lots of experience with
(and we always win.) Put our experience to work for you in the quickest and easiest way, with our International & Offshore Package.
It's everything you need to allow your US company to be recognized in your home country.

  • Registered Agent /year - Every state requires a registered agent and our service will comply with the State law.
  • Company Registration - The cost the State charges to file a Document
  • Company Resolution - States who owns and can act on behalf of the company
  • Apostille - Legalization of Business Documents that allows the documents to be recognized in Countries other than the US
  • Certificate of Incumbency - Shows ownership of the company and has notarized seal

Here is what our customers are saying about us
Dealing Internationally is always a challenge. IncorpNation's team has so much experience with businesses here AND overseas, they make life so much easier.