Tax Disclaimer
Franchise taxes will start to incur at the time the company is filed or registered with the State. Not the time the company actually conducts business. The Franchise Tax needs to be paid in every state the company is registered or qualified in. Federal tax is not the same as income tax and you may be responsible for both. IncorpNation cannot and will not give you advice on Federal IRS tax filings or tax designations. Please seek the advice and counsel of a certified accountant if you have a question about irs taxes and tax designations. Please contact IncorpNation if you have a question about franchise taxes.

Attorney Disclaimer
IncorpNation cannot and will not give legal advice or a legal opinion. We are not licensed in the field and any questions pertaining to legal advice is out of the realm of our expertise. IncorpNation suggests you seek legal counsel for the following scenarios including but not limited to mergers and acquisitions, when executing an operating agreement or by laws, and when served service of process.

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